Supporting Higher Education in London

London Higher has been championing London Weighting for thirteen years…

It’s a little know fact but we first started making the case for London Weighting – a additional allocation of block grant made to compensate London universities for the additional costs they face operating in London – in 2003. In that year (and again in 2005) we commissioned Frontier Economics to assess the weighting applied to HEIs compared to those applied to Further Education Colleges and other Government agencies with offices in the capital. Our research showed that not only was the need for an additional allocation vital to ensure a level playing field for higher education, but that the uplift applied to HE was well below that assigned to other sectors at that time.

Although we have yet to succeed in having the additional allocation raised to its proper level our reports have been instrumental in making the case for retaining London Weighting.

It hasn’t always been easy. Increasingly the allocation has come under scrutiny as funding has grown tighter across the sector. And each year, without fanfare, we have submitted evidence to HEFCE on behalf of our members.

In 2015 we established the London Weighting Task Group chaired by Paul Curran, City University London, permanently monitor London Weighting.