Supporting Higher Education in London

London’s doors remain open for Oxbridge students for Clinical Medicine study…..

Ask any doctor who studied medicine in Oxford and Cambridge pre-2013 and they’ll tell you of the opportunities to transfer to a London medical school in the clinical years of their medical degree. This programme, historically entitled ‘MOCAG’ (Metropolitan, Oxford and Cambridge Admissions Group) was a collective agreement between the five London medical schools, the University of Oxford medical school and the University of Cambridge medical school. Students in their clinical years (year 4 onwards) were eligible to apply to transfer to one of the other medical schools in the group. The scheme was a fantastic opportunity for students transferring to London, not only for the range of health conditions experienced in our hospitals and community settings, but also the diversity of patients and the rich learning environment of this unique city.

In 2013 the University of Cambridge made the decision to stop the transfer of students from Cambridge to Oxford and London. The London Medicine group fought hard for students and the missed experiences from coming to London. Even though the decision remains unturned, the groups’ message is clear “London’s doors remain open for Oxbridge students for clinical study”. Students with an interest in transferring to London in their clinical years are welcome and should contact their university in the first instance.