Meeting Madeleine Atkins

On Thursday 19th January 2017, London Higher held what has become one of our most popular annual event: a private discussion meeting the HEFCE CEO Madeleine Atkins held under the Chatham House Rule. This event is always well-attended with most of London’s HEI’s in London sending a representative, often the head of institutions themselves. This meeting allows the sector to ask frank questions, which, at this moment in time in particular, there are many. The climate surrounding the HE sector both in London and nationally is a moving feast one: the Higher Education and Research Bill looks ready to change the sector with the establishment of new institutions such as the new Office for Students, and Research and Innovation UK. And, of course, who could forget Brexit and the consequent ever-tightening approach towards visas and immigration. Our discussion with Madeleine was, as always, an opportune time to raise questions of particular importance to London’s HEIs. London Higher and our members left the meeting feeling, if not secure, than certainly well-informed and prepared to tackle what lie ahead.