Is prevention better than the cure?

On the 6th July 2012 we were celebrating at London Higher. London had just been awarded the 2012 Games and all our events on the bid phase had come to fruition. But the next day was a different story. The London bombings threatened to change all our lives. It was immediately clear that while terrorism affects us all, London was going to the primary stage and rightly or wrongly universities in London were now on the front line.

The Government’s response – the Prevent programme – has been controversial. It has been said that at one level it challenges university’s legal responsibility to protect freedom of speech, at another some have argued that it threatens to turn university support staff into a defacto national security service. Of course the reality is somewhat different and to plumb those choppy waters in ++ 2016 London Higher arranged for a private briefing for our member heads of institution by the Prime Minister’s National Security Advisor.

It didn’t solve all the issues our members have with Prevent, but it helps to know that through London Higher our members can gain immediate and senior-level access in regard to this vital area.