Tips and tricks for working from home

As more of us are now working from home that ever before, our Head of Operations, Jenny Wetherill, guest blogs on ways to stay motivated;

If you have read our statement on Coronavirus you will know that the whole of the London Higher team is currently working from the comfort of our own homes.  And although we have been lucky enough to work remotely a day a week for a while, we all agree that not having the option to visit the office, or indeed leave our homes, is turning out to be quite a challenge.

To help us adapt to this new way of working and ensure that we can continue you to deliver our great work we have adopted some routines and tricks that we thought we would share:

Keep a work routine

Get up and dressed for the day like you would if you were actually visiting the office.  Start at the same time each day and makes sure you schedule lunches and breaks (and actually leave your computer) like you would in the office.

Check in with your team/line manager

It is important to make time to catch up colleagues (not just about work). We are now using Microsoft Teams to ensure we can have our usually office chats and catch ups. We have found that a quick Teams call every morning with your team to agree goals for the day is helpful.  We try to make sure we have video on for meetings and calls and even schedule our usual coffee catch ups/ lunch meetings.

Have a designated workspace (i.e not your sofa or bed)
For most of us a spare room or office isn’t possible. But to get you in the right headspace we are trying to make our bedrooms/ living room/kitchens feel a bit different such as:

Take scheduled breaks throughout the day
It’s important to give your eyes a rest from the screen so we are all trying to take regular 5 minutes breaks away from our screens (including phones).

Get outside and stay healthy

If you are not self-isolating it’s a good idea to get and leave your house and get some exercise (try a morning walk /lunchtime stroll). Some of us at London Higher have been taking advantage of the free online and group workouts that are now been offered by fitness companies. Finally making sure you plan meals as you normally would if you were in the office can help with time management and energy levels.

While the way we are working is changing, London Higher will continue to support our member HEIs across London though our online networks and revamped website- where we will share information relating to the current situation, from important updates to useful inks to online resources. If you have any suggestions, let us know!