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 London HE Week: stepping up for recovery – a sustainable future

About the event

Ahead of the COP26 summit in November, and to celebrate the work of London Higher’s sustainability network, we shall be hosting a roundtable discussion on to both acknowledge work that London’s universities are already doing to work sustainably, and to identify areas where collaboration between institutions could see London further stepping up to address the climate change challenge. From Net Zero plans to collaborations with stakeholders across the city, this event will highlight how London Higher members are seeking to lead the way on the sustainability agenda, while discussing ways in which greater efforts can be developed.     


At this session, we will hear from the Rt. Hon. Chris Skidmore MP about his experiences of signing the UK up to host the COP26 while interim Minister for Energy and Clean Growth. He will speak about the importance of universities playing their part in ensuring that the UK’s climate change agenda is addressed and how higher education institutions can work more effectively with government to aid progress towards our shared goals of a cleaner future.   


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