London Wellbeing Week, 02-06 March 2020

About the event

What is London Wellbeing Week?

London Wellbeing Week is giving HEIs in London the opportunity to showcase and celebrate the work that they are doing to support students and staff in the area of mental health and wellbeing.  Throughout the week individual institutions are holding a variety of events, ranging from meetings, talks, coffee mornings, performances, showcases, sports activities and others, all with the aim of highlighting their commitment to wellbeing.  London Higher will support the network events by promoting and communicating the events and the work that is being achieved across London with our members, stakeholders and the media. The theme of our London Wellbeing Week 2020 is ‘Promoting Good Mental Health and Wellbeing in London’s Universities’.

London Wellbeing Week is taking place from Monday 02 to Friday 06 March 2020, to coincide with University Mental Health Day which is Thursday 05 March 2020.

Why should I get involved?

Mental health and wellbeing continues to be a priority issue, for the Universities Minister and OfS, for the media, for staff, and of course, for students themselves. London’s HEIs are working hard to achieve a step-change in this area. London Higher aims to create a space for its member institutions to contribute to the wider conversation around student and staff wellbeing, not only to raise awareness of what is already being done, but also to enable London’s HEIs to create new conversations whilst sharing their innovations and effective ways of working.  As we collaborate to celebrate excellence in London’s HEIs, we have an opportunity to communicate the bigger picture. This week will showcase what we are doing in London and how we can convey good practice amongst the wider HE community.

How do I get involved?

To have your event listed as part of London Wellbeing Week with the others below, complete the attached short form and return to Lucy Lyus. We will then share how your institution is making a difference to staff and students as part of our communications during the week.

If you have an opinion piece or blog post to share about the work that your team is doing, please forward this to the London Higher team, so that we can share the conversation.

What is going on during London Wellbeing Week?

The following instutions, all members of the London Health & Wellbeing Network, are running programmes of events as part of London Wellbeing Week:

LSE, the London School of Economics & Political Science has a full schedule of events for staff, students or both, all of which encourage a positive approach to mental health and wellbeing and demonstrate that student wellbeing is a top priority for the school, broadening the understanding of wellbeing support that LSE can offer.  Events running from Monday until Friday include: lectures on perfectionism and student happiness, an introduction to mindfulness based stress reduction, sessions on understanding anxiety and building a sense of student community wellbeing in academic departments, and activities such as choirs and workshops.  Please see the dedicated website for more information.

The University of East London has a full schedule of events for students and staff to show the various ways in which the university takes wellbeing seriously.  In addition they are also offering focus groups throughout the week to enable both students and staff to feedback as to how they feel the university is currently supporting their mental health.  Events running from Monday to Friday include: cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness sessions, wellbeing walks and strolls, “thyme for change” to explore the link between gardening and good mental health, workshops covering topics such as coping with stress and neuroscience and creativity, and performances and sports classes for all.  Please see the dedicated website for more information.

The University of West London will be running a variety of events throughout the week, to allow both students and staff to prioritise their own wellbeing.  Events running from Monday until Friday include: events and workshops designed and led by UWL student wellbeing champions, free nutrition consultations and appointments led by Level 6 nutrition students, mindfulness sessions and massages, a variety of fitness and sports sessions for both students and staff, promotion of student wellbeing and advocacy support services, and mental health awareness training for staff.


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