Supporting Higher Education in London

Impact and Resources Hub

As the Coronavirus continues to impact the operations of London's HEIs, learn more about the steps that London Higher and members can implement to support students, staff, and the UK government's strategy.

COVID-19 Secure Charter 

As London’s HEIs’ prepare to welcome students in the autumn, the London Higher COVID-19 Secure Charter sets out ten key principles that member institutions are working on, and some examples to illustrate how HEIs’ are practically implementing safety measures.

Autumn reopening

The last few months have been challenging for us all, but London’s HEIs’ have risen to the challenge, to support their staff, students and local communities. As they advance their preparations to welcome students in the autumn, they are drawing upon experience across the board to ensure a safe return to work and study. See more about how institutions are returning here.

The London Impact

As the nation unites in the fight against coronavirus, London’s HEIs are leading the way in working with each other, and across communities to ensure the health and well-being of their staff, students and each other. In what is a challenging time, we wanted to highlight the full range of activity London HEIs are undertaking to combat Covid-19 in this challenging time.

London Higher Statement on Coronavirus 

In line with Government advice, London Higher is operating a work from home policy. If you have any questions, please call or email any member of the London Higher team.

Government Advice

This information is based on official guidance from the UK government and will be amended as and when we receive updated information.

Useful resources

London Higher are collating useful online resources for our members and students. If you would like to share any with our network, please contact Chloe Bukata