London Medicine

Bringing together the heads of the London schools of medicine, dentistry and clinical academic disciplines



London Medicine is unique in providing a forum for senior academic and managerial representatives from across London’s health education sector – we discuss emerging issues in the delivery of health education and research in the capital, as well as collaborate on initiatives in the interest of the members.

Our remit is to:

  1. Monitor the healthcare policy environment and identify opportunities and issues of share concern;
  2. Liaise with stakeholders and bodies to deliver timely interventions;
  3. Promote the contributions made by London Medicine;
  4. Coordinate and manage initiatives and projects;
  5. Promote dialogue between those that develop healthcare policy and higher education policy.


Vital Signs

Addressing a range of challenges pertaining to both higher education and health policy which are likely to impact the provision of health education and training over the next five years. At present we are working on Theme 2: clinical academics, and reports relating to this theme will be published in summer 2018.

Clinical Placements in Undergraduate Medicine (Vital Signs Theme 1)

Maximising the potential of clinical placements in London and understanding student’s perspectives. Mapping the placement provision across London’s five medical schools.

Expansion of Undergraduate Medical Education

London Medicine has been engaging with the expansion currently taking place in undergraduate medical education in England.

Network Members