HE Planners’ Group

Critically evaluate how policy initiatives may affect higher education provision in London.



The group discusses key issues which may affect London’s higher education, such as TEF, the ‘London effect’ and performance indicators. The group provides collective views for policy initiatives and consultations from funding bodies and Government.

Recent speakers have included DfE on the TEF framework and metrics; HEFCE/OfS on well being measures for graduate outcomes, HESA on performance indicators and the Data Futures programme, and representatives working on the development of the LEO datasets. All discussions are held under the ‘Chatham House rule’ to stimulate informal debate.


The TEF subgroup has engaged with DfE on the evolution of metrics used in TEF since 2017.

A pilot project on commuter students concluded with the release of a set of reports in August 2019 which can be viewed here.

Network Members