Bringing together HEIs in London that teach, train or conduct research in the healthcare professions, including nursing, midwifery and the allied health professions



The Healthcare Education Group undertakes horizon-scanning and high level strategic discussion pertaining to nursing, midwifery and AHP related higher education.

In particular the Group’s objectives are to:

  1. Monitor the healthcare environment in London in relation to our membership;
  2. Identify and discuss any issues of shared concern and determine effective ways forward;
  3. Bring together the membership with stakeholders in order to delivery timely interventions and strengthen relationships;
  4. Promote the educational excellence and contributions made by the Group in the field of healthcare;
  5. Coordinate and manage initiatives and projects.


Recruitment to Nursing Study & Funding Reforms

With the changes from the bursary system to student loans in Nursing, there is uncertainty in England as to whether these changes will affect recruitment. Since the changes were announced we have been undertaking a recruitment survey across the membership to monitor the environment.

Small and Specialist Subjects Task Group

Drawing together a small group of members to discuss small and specialist healthcare subjects including podiatry, orthoptics, prosthetics and orthotics and therapeutic radiography.

Commuter Students Studying Healthcare Project

In collaboration with the Case for HE division, we are undertaking a small research project on commuter students studying healthcare to see if there are any trends compared to other subjects.

Stakeholder Members

Health Education England London & the South East

Network Members