London Works

Promoting London as a study destination to UK-based prospective students.


What we do

The ‘London Works’ initiative comprises a subset of seven members of London Higher’s Marketing Directors group. ‘London Works’ aims to promote London as a study destination to UK-domiciled students who are from areas other than London.

The key project that the group is undertaking at the moment is in conjunction with The Student Room website. We have been working with The Student Room to create a London hub on the website, which aims to:

  1. Give prospective students a realistic picture of what it is like to study in London
  2. Dispel any myths that people might have about living and studying in the capital
  3. Provide useful information to those students who are already living in London

As with The Student Room website in general the content within the London hub has been produced by students. The home page of the London hub can be found here.

Current initiatives

Student Panels

Would you like to help students who are considering studying in London or who are new to London? Share your experiences, advice and give us your top tips for studying in London by getting involved in our Student panels. (We promise free pizzas and an Amazon voucher). Sign up here.

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