Marketing Directors’ Group

Taking collective action to promote London as a destination for HE study.


What we do

The group meets to hear about the state-of-the-art in promoting London in general (in analogous sectors and in other promotional contexts), to discuss the promotion of London as a destination for HE study in particular and, under certain circumstance, to take action in limited areas where a collective approach is deemed cost efficient:

a) Understand how other sectors and contexts promotes London to various audience segments
b) Explore the key elements in the effective marketing of London to the HE market;
c) Undertaken collective action, where appropriate, to add value to institution’s own marketing programmes (e.g. in pooling market research, collective market interventions)
d) The group is additionally tasked with liaising with London Higher networks tasked with promoting London both with other regional promotion agents (e.g. the London Interational Directors’ Group, London & Partners, Study London).

Current Initiatives

London Works

We have been working with a subset of members and The Student Room for a ‘hub’ on the Student Room website seeking to address commonly asked questions from domestic (UK) applicants about studying in London.  The project is currently assessing options for a further phase of the work.


Network Members