Supporting Higher Education in London

Research Excellence Group

Seeking ways to demonstrate the impacts of research conducted in London and to foster greater research collaboration among London HEIs.


What we do

The Research Excellence Group aims to showcase London’s research offer and foster research collaboration opportunities across London Higher membership.

Recently, the group have dually focused on responding to research challenges in a COVID context whilst simultaneously engaging in important strategic areas of work. These have involved engaging with external stakeholders, such as the Greater London Authority, to establish how London HE can contribute to the economic recovery post-COVID, as well as the role that London’s research community plays in establishing regional equality and impacting local communities. Upcoming work will be further exploring these areas, as well as engaging in discussions on the future of the Research Excellence Framework and how to bets support a community of post-docs in the capital.

If you would be interested in joining this network, then please contact Jack O’Neill ( who would be happy to provide further information.