Supporting Higher Education in London

London Higher submit consultation response on london weighting to the office for students

London Higher has today submitted their response to the Office for Students consultation on recurrent funding. The consultation, which closes today, includes a proposal to remove the London weighting element of the teaching grant, a proposal equivalent to a £64 million per year funding cut to the capital’s higher education sector.

The response, which draws on recently commissioned research highlighting the impact of removing the London weighting, shows that the London Weighting element of the Teaching grant – since renamed by Government as the Strategic Priorities Grant – reflects the higher costs of delivery in London. It is intended to create a level playing field across higher education institutions in England to offset the higher costs of operating in the capital.

Levelling down London is not a way of levelling up. Our response highlights how some London boroughs are among the most deprived areas of the country, with a third of London boroughs in the 30% most deprived areas in England. As such, individuals and communities in London need levelling up too and cutting funding to the city’s institutions as a whole is not the way to equalise economic performance across the regions. These cuts will only hamper the ability of London’s universities to deliver for their students.