House of Lords European Union Committee publishes report on Brexit: the Erasmus and Horizon Programmes, citing London Higher

The House of Lords European Union Committee has published its report Brexit: the Erasmus and Horizon programmes (28th Report, Session 2017-19, HL Paper 283), prepared by its Home Affairs Sub-Committee.


The report published on 12 February 2019 explores the implications of Brexit for UK particpation in the EU’s flagship programme for research and innovation, Horizon 2020, and the EU’s international mobility programme, Erasmus+, which provides opportunities for young people and teaching staff to study, work, and train abroad. The full report can be viewed here.

Through our London Higher Europe programme, London Higher has been cited in the report, as follows:

“London Higher told us that a UK-EU association agreement for Horizon Europe would depend upon how much the UK was willing to pay for access. They highlighted the “method of financial rebalancing” set out in the programme proposal, and called for the UK to agree a “meaningful” level of contributions to ensure the UK research community was not “frozen out of participation in a world-leading research ecosystem”.139 The University of Edinburgh agreed a commitment by the UK to provide matching funding was justified, emphasising that the “value of EU research funding [could not] be measured solely in financial terms”

For more information please visit the London Higher Europe website or contact Jordan Hill.