London Higher Europe Delegation of Research Directors to Brussels

On the 16 and 17 October 2018, London Higher Europe led a delegation of Research Directors from amongst its membership to Brussels for events, meetings and networking sessions with research institutes, universities and policy makers within the EU innovation ecosystem.

While in Brussels they attended a launch event for the new network and a panel discussion which featured the Deputy Director-General of DG Research in the European Commission, Wolfgang Burtscher and the Director of Policy Strategy and Evaluation from DG Education in the European Commission, Stefaan Herman. The event also featured presentations from German, Belgian and Norwegian colleagues looking at different research models within universities.

The successful trip was extremely well received.

“The Brussels visit was very informative and well structured. Thanks so much for introducing us to the new developments at UniLion, Horizon Europe and the EIC. It gave me a valuable insight into the ongoing programme and developments for 2020 and beyond.”

“I was able to give our university research committee an informed up to date position on EU funding this afternoon!”

For further information on London Higher Europe please contact Jordan Hill.