London Higher Statement on Coronavirus

Owing to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, and following Government advice, London Highers’ offices will be closed from Wednesday 18th March until Monday 20th April.

All events and meetings scheduled to take place before the end of April will if possible be conducted via Skype, teleconference, or similar, or otherwise will be rearranged.

London Higher staff will work from home, and will be available through their email and mobile phones. We will enhance our web-based presence, and we are looking to utilise various other means of communications to ensure our membership and our stakeholders stay regularly updated throughout this period.  We also wish to  offer support to colleagues, for example to share emerging good practice as well as any lessons learned, ideas for solving problems and to continue important conversations.

This situation will be reviewed on a frequent and ongoing basis.  Regular updates will be provided.  Please do check the London Higher website.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with members of the team you usually work with, and/or phone or send an email to any member of London Higher team.