Two year post-study work visa agreed for international students

London Higher warmly welcomes the proposal by the Home Office allowing international students to work in the UK for two years after graduation.  This reverses the decision in 2012 which restricted employment for international undergraduates and postgraduates to just four months.  The move will help make the UK and London more attractive to prospective students and compete with other countries.  In London there are currently 78,000 international students, making up 20% of all 382,000 higher education students, who contribute £2.3 billion and support 70,000 jobs.

Jane Glanville, CEO, commented “London’s unique and diverse cluster of world class universities and higher education colleges are a wonderful regional, national and international asset.  This decision will help to maintain London’s position as a first-choice destination for international students in what is an increasingly competitive market.”

Another major step for a fair and transparent immigration system would be for government to reduce the current proposal for salary threshold of £30,000 for overseas workers.  This threshold excludes many research and technician staff, and about 50% of higher education support staff in London earn considerably less £30,000 whilst playing a key role in our universities.