Supporting Higher Education in London

Research Reports

Some of our special projects lead to detailed written reports. Read our published interim and final reports here.

Clearing the Big Smoke: London’s higher education sector leading a greener future’ (2021)

Clearing the Big Smoke: London’s higher education sector leading a greener future is a new report highlighting the importance of London’s universities to the green agenda, locally, nationally and across the globe.

Showcasing real-life, practical examples of the innovative work being carried out at higher education institutions across the capital, the report details how London’s universities are leading the way on the sustainability agenda and, together, equip London with the green research, knowledge and governance it needs to achieve its ambitious net-zero targets by the end of this decade.

Winning London’s arts and minds (2021)

London Higher is calling for Government to make bolstering the UK’s creative talent pipeline a priority by fostering an appreciation for the arts at an early age in the curriculum, following the publication of a new report looking at the importance of the capital’s creative higher education provision.

Winning London’s Arts and Minds examines real-life examples of innovative creative higher education provision across the capital, and how it plays a critical role in ensuring that graduates are equipped with not only the transferable skills any higher education course provides, such as leadership, communication and self-discipline, but also with vital skills that ensure positive employment outcomes.

The impact of removing London Weighting (2021)

The London Weighting (LW) is an uplift paid to London higher education institutions (HEIs) to reflect the higher costs of providing services in London. London HEIs have received the LW for many years. The rationale for the LW is to
recognise that providing a similar service in London is more costly than in the rest of the country, and that costs, such as staff salaries and property costs, are determined by local market forces that are mostly outside the influence of HEIs.

Commuter Students in London (2019)

Between April 2018 and February 2019 London Higher conducted a pilot project to understand some of the characteristics and perceptions of commuter students studying in London.

Two reports have been produced and are published by London Higher:

The economic impact of London’s international students (2015)

International students studying at London universities directly contributed £3 billion to the UK economy in 2013-14 and supported over 37,000 jobs.

The latest report detailing the contribution of non-UK students in London was prepared by London & Partners and is available to download here (PDF: 2.55 MB)

Economic impact of international students, 2011

A report by PA Consulting Group for Study London provides an update on the contribution of international students to London’s economy. Quantifiable impact involving HEFCE-funded HEIs and private colleges is estimated to be £5.7 billion supporting 100,000 jobs in London. Download PDF (0.8 MB)

Highly Skilled London

A strategy for increasing higher education’s provision of skills to London’s workforce and can be downloaded here. Download PDF (1.41 MB)

The three research projects which underpin this strategy are:

Skills and the City

Demonstrating how London’s higher education institutions work in partnership with business. Download PDF (PDF: 1.00 MB)

Part-time study

Part-time study: Employer Attitudes (PDF: 0.80 MB)
Exploring the experiences, perceptions and attitudes of London employers to part-time study.

Part-time study: An Overview (PDF: 0.90 MB)
Providing an overview of part-time students studying in the capital

Part-time study: HEI Perspective (PDF: 0.20 MB)
Uncovering the views of part-time study from the perspective of higher education institutions.

Higher Returns (PDF: 0.28 MB)
Financial support guidelines for part-time higher education courses 2008/2009.

Study London

Positioning London as the best place in the world to be a student. Download PDF (4.87 MB)

Economic impact of international students, 2007

A report by Oxford Economics with the headline finding that London’s international students contributed £1.5 billion to UK GDP in 2005/2006 and supported over 40,000 jobs. Download PDF (0.73 MB)

Leading Health

Demonstrating how London universities and higher education colleges make vital contributions across the health sector in the areas of training, research, service provision and strategic collaboration among others. Download PDF (2.33 MB)

The Creative Capital

Exploring London’s creative education sector. Providing an analysis, key facts, case studies and the challenges and opportunities for the sector. Download PDF (0.70 MB)

Winning Combinations

Reflecting the breadth and depth of collaboration taking place in London’s higher education sector. Download PDF (0.7 MB)

Knowledge Capital

Exploring the economic and social importance of London’s education sector to London’s, and the UK’s, economy. Download PDF (1.67MB)

Olympic Scoping Study

A study undertaken by PA Consulting to identify an inclusive and effective structure for the Higher Education contribution to the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Download PDF (0.63 MB)